Baddboy Mafia 

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The Baddboy Mafia Company website will be taken down from this server and no longer have a company website on any server we lease. This company change will take place in April of 2016 during the time of renewal. We have decided that having a website for the company Baddboy Mafia Film Distribution , isn't necessary as we think we can "get by" while just using social media networks and online business reporting mapped sites which show us in a directory catalog for free of charge. Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube are good for starters but also we will find ourselves in Yahoo maps,, Yelp, and 40 others online and a few offline free classified newspapers in and around L.A. County. 

Having a website on a server costs lots of time. The money is not the issue but time costs lots of money considering our President is responsible for 

2 other entertainment industry business licensed companies in Los Angeles, one being a Motion Picture Production Company. It's time consuming and his time is well spent 4 days per week as he has disabilities which keep him from performing a regular full time daily job and some days he isn't himself at all, and that's when Me or his others have to come to the studios to help him get some work done, we never get paid cash, he does take care of us in other ways, my car is a junker, Mike is a auto-tech from college, he repairs like everything on it. His photographer's sister's home needs electrical, Mike always repairs her studio's electrical but not her home. He's cool. But he is just one man running all this alone and we help him , he has other people in the entertainment industry who do favs for him. This website will close in April 2016. But the URL will remain open, the business license for Motion Picture Distribution will remain open indefinitely for the next 40 years , at least or as long as Mike Lives. He has placed a Will & Testament and left this copyrights & his others in with a major player of the entertainment industry in itself, one that is famous world known, they get all Mike's companies & logos, Copyrights, etc. They won't be released as to who they are but they are Huge in Los Angeles/Hollywood, one of the Gods of the biz!  They are even on the N.Y.S.E.

There isn't anyone more deserving than the particular chosen ones to receive this benefit of ownership upon Mr. Amiri's death (owner of Baddboy Mafia, Baddboyfilms, & Lookeebox Studios), all three will be willed to a particular Godfather of the motion Picture industry, and no one can stop this from happening. They will accept Mike's copyrights. They will turn them into hundreds of millions every year. They... can. Mike Can't. Mike doesn't know how. But Mike doesn't trust anyone else does either... Except the finest best ones in the business... that's the Godfathers. Not Brando's Family. I'm talking about real people, not a fantasy movie character . (Sorry:  Warner Bros, Disney, Picture Head, Universal, Mom & Dad , Family , Jack Nicholson ... nope). 

Website is closing in April 2016, The URL is being updated into 2022 or better, with privacy added. 

"Don't Try To Justify The World... Own it!