We also have jobs for those of you whom are fresh out of high school but only have a little computer skills, a little humor, a little idea on what you want to do in life. 

We have jobs for you too. Small jobs. P/T jobs. Paid upon commission. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to work inside the Hollywood Entertainment Industry. You have to just be human to apply.  Must be at least 18 years of age when applying to work for Baddboy Mafia. If you always wanted into the entertainment industry, this isn't that way, but it is in it. No actors, please. 

Are you interested in working at Baddboy Mafia? You must qualify first.

  About You, to qualify: 

SEO Knowledge
Simple SEO Strategy
Google’s webmaster knowledge & operations
Knowledge in custom content management system (CMS) theme; 
other CMS platforms
knowing how to modify PHP, CSS and other code
Knowledge in Platform-Specific Design
Knowledge creating web-based media to cater to mobile users in new creative ways
Knowledge of creating Markup Language for twitter, myspace, Facebook, Google+, Blogger, Websites, to run applications which you created compatible for the sites to run upon. Example: FBML This language allows you to create applications that tie directly into the Facebook experience, including FB profiles, feeds and more.
7 years minimum Experience working with : 
Video Compression
Video content publishing
Streaming video content
Video transcoding
7 years minimum Experience working with  : 
consumer formats such as Flash, Quicktime, Silverlight, Adobe Systems Adobe Flash Media Servers.
video conversion process include codecs, container formats, bitrates, frame rates, and size.
Knowledge with :
Final Cut Pro X
Logics Pro X
Creation of Social Networking Profiles
Basic Strategies of Online Marketing
Basic Strategies for client’s multimedia web site promotion, generation of traffic to web site in a strategical marketing plan. 


Your i.Q. is unknown. But you think you are smart and sometimes , everyone else is.... D**B. @$%^&*   8~) (Requirement )!!!
You are humble & polite when need to be. You are fun and humorous upon good timing. 

You are human, you make mistakes and it's ok. You are allowed to make mistakes here without getting terminated, too. 
​Leaders the team attitude. 
"Such a little inventor, you are"?!
Good at improvising 

Energetic, lift up others whom feel drained tired.
Love people.
Love to travel.
Be able to explain Ohms Law. (Verbally). 
Knowledge on the topics of Robotics. 
You have 3 years or more Former Military Background, honored but not a requirement.
You are a team-player, you stride to win and beat the competition every breathing moment of your work time.
You are not high maintenance , personally.
You keep yourself professional around customers and your CEO. 
You have very good hygiene .
You get along with most people.
Most people find you pretty cool too. 
You are a fighter in career but not a physical violent type. 
You are a GEEK inside but not outside. You hide it well. 
You are an actor when need to be. Incase you had to tour as a spy inside another company for a few months as their employee. You are good at it. 
You are willing to train at Baddboy Mafia’s Spyology class once hired. 
You are not a quitter.
You are outgoing and open-minded. 
You are healthy enough to hold a job, you are legal to work in the United States and you hold a Valid California's State issued Driver's License as the work needs a driver. 
You graduate High School or obtained your G.E.D.
You must be a permeant resident of Los Angeles, Ca. You have to provide proof of this for at least the past 5 years. 

It doesn't matter (HOW) you live. But you must be established however you do live here in LA. 

You MUST have a valid mailing address, P.O. Boxes are perfect. 

​You MUST have a bank account. Any in your name. No joint accounts. Just yours. A checking account. Online merchant accounts are not applicable . Prepaid Visa cards are not applicable . You MUST have a cell phone. Prepaid phones are ok. 


Baddboy Mafia does not discriminate based upon sex, ANY criminal record history, race, color, disabilities, your fashion styles, or age, but you must be at least the year of 18 years of age to apply or qualify to work for Baddboy Mafia , multimedia distribution company which is licensed by the City of Los Angeles, CA. U.S.A.

​To apply, first you must contact us from the "Contact Us" link at the top of this website, and scroll down to the contact-Us-Form and fill it out briefly, don't put your resume into it, it will kill our bandwidth inside our company's email account (LOL) just say a few words, and give us your return # or email address and one of our support team techs will reply with your next step of instruction. 

Wish you all the best of life. 


Baddboy Mafia , a multimedia motion pictures distribution company. 

Photography was created from top of TV-Hill in Hollywood Hills, CA.  In the distance is downtown L.A. and to the nearest center , you can see that rounded building "Tower Records", Hollywood, CA. This is my BackYard view. I see this any day I wish because I live here, born here and will die from here in 40 years from now. 

​Some people are afraid to admit it but copyright infringement is illegal. This means when you steal someone's digital media, claim it as your own, use it in a commercial site to help advertise your business and sell your products all the while you didn't hold exclusive copyrights to it, then this is G.T. (Grand-Theft) and it is very easy to prove as the images every professional photographer creates, they embeded a code within the pixels and you cannot erase it.

It is a direct tracer of exclusive ownership from dna of which camera it came from. It wasn't the camera the thief bought at the store to cover-up their mistakes, even if it matches the same brand name.

The photographer wrote a code , a passworded copyright thumb print inside it's images, you cannot see that. That's why it's partially provable. Your data Hard Drive + Cookies finish you off the rest of the way. Denial of uploading is the exit, huh? No, (it's not a Game). 

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